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   Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon
Service: Army
Instituted: 1984
Authorized: Army Regulation 600–8–22
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon
Back of Medal
  1. The Army Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon (A-RCOTR) was established by the Secretary of the Army on 11 July 1984. It is awarded to members of the Reserve Components of the Army, (Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve), for successful completion of annual training (AT) or active duty for training (ADT) for a period not less than 10 consecutive duty days on foreign soil. ARNG and USAR soldiers who accompany the RC unit (including unit cells) to which they are assigned or attached as full–time unit support (FTUS) during overseas training are also eligible for the award.
  2. Effective 11 July 1984, all members of the ARNG and USAR are eligible for this award if they were active Reserve status members of the Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve (not on active duty in the Active Army), or AGR FTUS soldiers at the time their unit underwent AT or ADT on foreign soil.
  3. AGR personnel, not assigned to a TPU, are also eligible for award of the ARCOTR provided they are ordered overseas specifically as advance party to, simultaneously with, or in support of mop–up operations of RC units training overseas. Ten consecutive days overseas must be met. Other AGR members overseas for any other reason are not eligible for the ARCOTR.
  4. The ARCOTR may be awarded retroactively to those personnel who successfully completed AT or ADT on foreign soil in a Reserve status prior to 11 July 1984 provided they have an active status as defined above on or after 11 July 1984.
  5. Soldiers must be credited with completion of at least 10 consecutive duty days outside the 50 States, the District of Columbia and U.S. possessions and territories in the performance of duties in conjunction with Active Army, joint services, or Allied Forces. The day of departure counts; the day of return does not.
  6. Numerals will be used to denote second and subsequent awards of the ARCOTR.