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   Vietnam Service Medal
Service: ALL
Instituted: 1965
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Vietnam Service Medal
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  1. Authorized by Executive Order 11231
  2. b. Awarded to all Service members of the Armed Forces who, between July 4, 1965, and March 28, 1973, served in the following areas of Southeast Asia.
  • 1. In Vietnam and the contiguous waters or airspace thereover.
  • 2. In Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia or the airspace, thereover, and in direct support of operations in Vietnam.
  1. NOTE: Attaching Devices authorized by individual services:
  • 1. Arrowhead Device - denotes participation in a combat parachute jump, combat glider landing, or amphibious assault landing.
  • 2. Marine Corps Device - denotes combat service with Marine Corps units

  1. On 21 August 1964, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (DCSPER) requested that The Institute of Heraldry provide proposed designs for the possible adoption of a Vietnam Service Medal. Proposed designs were submitted to DCSPER on 29 September 1964. The Vietnam Service Medal was established by Executive Order 11231, dated 8 July 1965. The design approved by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, 12 July 1965, and the policy for award was promulgated by DOD Directive 1348.15, dated 1 October 1965.
  2. Persons receiving the Vietnam Service Medal are authorized to wear a bronze star to indicate each campaign. There are 17 designated campaigns during the period of 15 March 1962 through 28 January 1973.