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Thank you for your interest in advertising with We are very interested in you, your business, and helping you to succeed. The fact that the sites contained within the network of the Military Wives Websites are visited primarily by military families offers you a targeted audience.

We offer a simple solution to advertising pricing - $25.00 per month regardless of the number of impressions, click throughs, or any other of the mundane types of ratings or counts used by many other sites offering to advertise.

If you have questions about how many visitors, their browser type, the countries they come from, etc. our statistics are shown to the left UNDER the selection menu. Our statistic counter counts only the UNIQUE ip address

We have simple requirements for advertising on our site:
  1. The site being advertised is NOT derogatory to:
    • to military wives,
    • to military families,
    • to military service members,
    • or the military in general.
  2. The site does NOT contain
    • pornagraphy,
    • offensive language,
    • or links to adult sites.
  3. We do NOT recieve complaints:
    • about the site,
    • the offerings on the site,
    • and if you offer services or goods that your company actually fulfills its obligation of processing, shipping and delivering such goods or services.
ANY such complaints will be cause for temporary suspension of advertising until the complaint is resolved.

So that you can monitor how well your advertising campaign is doing on we will establish an account for you, that you can check as often as you wish, which will show you the following:
  1. When the advertising actually started.
  2. When your account will expire.
  3. Your Banner's Total Exposures.
  4. The number of Exposures received per Day.
  5. The number of Clicks On Your Banner has generated.
  6. A percentage for Click Throughs vs. Exposures.
  7. A Ratio of Exposures to the number of Click Throughs to your website.
Additionally you can also view the following:
  1. Your Banner's Daily Stats.
  2. Your Banner's Monthly Stats.
  3. An IP Address Log (what addresses saw your banner).
  4. Your current in use banner.
NOTE: If you only want a text link within a given area the above account is not available for monitoring.

General Advertising Questions

If you still have questions or concerns about advertising with us, please click here.
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Banner Advertisement and Placement

We have a maximum file size limitation of 36Kb on banner advertisements. Look here for the a visual representation of our banner sizes and where they will / can appear., Inc. and its associated websites, reserves the right to refuse advertising to any individual, company, or other interested parties that in our sole opinion does not meet our standards, our qualifications, or that does not serve the interests of the military family in general.