Soldier's Last Letter

Soldier's Last Letter

This arrived in our email. After listening to it, contemplating the ramifications, we realized that there are probably many that should hear it.
BJ 'n Cindy

A while back a soldier heard one on my songs and ask me, if he sent me his feelings and fears, could I write a song that reflected the sentiments of a lot of his fellow comrades in arms. Something He could leave to his wife and son, who he felt he'd never see again. I really never did find out how he made out in Iraq and he never gave is name

I just sat down one evening and put together his thoughts and wrote a song for him and any other soldier who had the same fears and concerns. I write and compose for myself and am I in no way a professional singer as you will hear but I felt this small tribute in song and a poem I wrote later, I said what a lot of our troops feel. He couldn't see his sons first ball game so he had to rely on his wife's eyes to see it and tell him what happened. The last part of the song was very hard to write but this was the way he felt and wanted it to be written!

David (aka...Unknown Legend)

P.S. If anything I've written offends you please accept my apologies and delete it .... was just my small way, as a favor, to write and sing what a soldier had on his mind and felt in his heart) God Bless Our troups, spouses and families....... and especially America May this all be over soon.

Here is the song Soldiers Last Letter from David (aka...Unknown Legend)